Official Rules:

You must fill out the form completely to be entered into the contest. A winning pool of 5 contestants will be chosen by Oak & Cypress based on number of shares and description of wedding. After choosing this pool, Oak & Cypress will publicly post the pool. At this time, a voting contest will be open to the general public to decide the winner. The contestant with the most votes received will win the prize of our largest wedding video package. Oak & Cypress reserves the right to eliminate contestants for any reason, including but not limited to: failure to share the contest link, lack of description of wedding, location or date of wedding, and false information about the wedding. The winner will receive our largest wedding package, which includes 10 hours of coverage, a 1-2 minute trailer posted 2 weeks after the wedding date, a 5-7 minute highlight video, full ceremony video, DVDs, and rehearsal dinner coverage. Oak & Cypress reserves the right to alter this package if the description of the wedding entered in the submission does not match the actual wedding schedule.