We are four twenty-somethings that love expressing our creativity in different ways. From videos to carpentry, to traveling the world - we're always up to something. Read about us below, check us out on social media, or swing by the office to grab coffee with us. We'd love to hear your story, and perhaps even capture it on camera.


This is me...Clayton. I am a dreamer, explorer. A Filmmaker. I have a big heart and I’m not just speaking figuratively here either. I was born with a leaky heart valve, which had to work overtime to get the job done. Since the heart is a muscle and that muscle was overworked, it became too big and I had to have open-heart surgery when I was 17.

Well before high school, my father told me that I thrive off passion. He told me that one day I would find my passion in life, and when that happened I should stick with it. Since the first time I picked up a video camera nine years ago, I knew that this was my passion. The mixture of creativity and technical sophistication grabbed ahold of me and hasn't let go.

Over the last nine years, I have pursued videography in many different forums. From working with non-profits, television stations, production houses, short films, television shows, and churches. After graduating college from Texas Tech with a degree in Electronic Media and Visual Communications four years ago, I started my own business full-time pursuing this passion as well as the people and places it's led me to. I haven't looked back since.

Other than that, I am a simple guy who loves life, and I particularly love meeting new people, sharing in their stories. I have an itch for traveling and I'm always looking for the next adventure. So here I am, using this big imperfect heart to follow my passion. Click around, watch a few films, and fill out the Contact Form if you would like to chat.

Take Care.


Hi there, I'm Grace.

I grew up in Lubbock, Tx but moved to Austin six years ago to attend The University of Texas. I have always found myself most excited and most challenged by exploring our beautiful world, and so I studied International Relations with a focus in Latin America. I went on to work as a programs advisor at a study abroad agency and have just moved back to Austin after living in South America for five months. I first started editing when I was in college just because I enjoyed it, and this past year I started editing full time.

I believe that the reasons I have always loved to travel are the reasons why I came to love film as well. Behind both there is freedom, discovery, creativity, the ability to listen to the stories of fascinating people and the chance to tell your own. Watching film and exploring a new country both give us windows into another world, into another way of life. I am stimulated by these experiences, and it is what drives me to create good videos.

Other things that bring me joy are good books, good coffee, and dogs. I enjoy thinking, dreaming, and hiking. I love intriguing talks and hearing other people's stories and passions, and I would love to hear yours.

Hasta pronto!


My name is Taylor, and I just love life. At the end of high school, after years of being the class clown, my friends told me that they hadn't been laughing at my jokes, but laughing at how hard I was laughing at my own jokes. That pretty much sums it up. My first lemonade stand wasn't exactly a success. But I've always loved starting things.

In high school it was a lawn mowing business. In college it was a series of embarrassing startups, most of which cost me more than they made me (NCAA gambling app, wooden bow ties, a marketing collective, etc.) But video production was the only thing that really stuck through all of those entrepreneurial phases. To this day I'm still captivated by almost every aspect of making a video.

I have a beautiful wife, Mollie, who somehow encourages me in all of my crazy ideas and hobbies, but keeps me grounded at the same time. She's my favorite person in the world.

I spend my free time making furniture and other knick-knacks in the woodshop, biking with Mollie, picking away on the guitar, and completing my ghetto rigged DIY MBA. If you knew me, it would make sense that I also love going to public places and just starting conversations with people I've never met. I still find myself starting sentences with, "When I grow up, I want to...".

At the end of the day, I'm really happy to just love God, love the people I share this planet with, and make things.

Let's grab coffee!

Hey what’s up, I’m Brent. I’m a born-and-raised Texan who grew up in Lubbock, Tx and have lived in Austin since 2012 with my beautiful wife. My wife and I have a heart for rescuing and adopting senior animals and we currently have 3 old dogs (our youngest is 11) and a couple of cats. I ride a vintage Vespa, play competitive ultimate frisbee, and have a passion for detail.

I’ve been telling stories with film for over 10 years and wouldn’t rather be doing anything else with my life. Crafting a compelling story takes so many elements that have to come together perfectly to create a final film and I love every aspect of the art. The pre-visualization, the cinematography, the editing, even the delivery of the final film is all a very important piece of the puzzle. The attention to detail in every single film is unprecedented, and that’s what makes this team of storytellers so much fun to work with.

In addition to being a part of the “Oak and Cypress” team, I’m also on staff as a full-time filmmaker at a non-denominational church in Austin. I’ve always had a passion for communicating the gospel and enhancing the worship experience with video production and story telling.

I’d love to connect over coffee or a drink. Have a fantastic day!